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Chemical industry becomes the key point of national environmental protection

China chemical industry news (Yu Hong) the State Council issued in December 5th, "" 13th Five-Year "environmental protection plan". The plan puts forward the goal of improving the overall quality of the environment in 2020, and identifies seven main tasks, such as fighting the three campaigns, such as air, water and soil pollution control. Chinese petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of environmental quality and safety is Xiangning Long Zhuang 7 in an China chemical industry news reporter said, "there are a lot of related chemical industry planning", so the chemical enterprises show great influence, chemical industry has become the object of the national key environmental protection regulation.
Zhuang Xiangning said that "planning" involves all sectors and industries, but for the chemical industry, the pressure will be greater. In the plan, a considerable length of space is aimed at the chemical industry and the petrochemical industry, and the pressure on the emission reduction of the industry characteristic pollutants is also very great. For example, for VOCs emission reduction, including hazardous waste management, the plan specifically refers to the illegal transfer of hazardous wastes in the chemical industry, which is also a great deterrent for the industry. After the national development and Reform Commission has started combing along the Yangtze River chemical enterprises, and to carry out the investigation and interrogation, but also the introduction of the future "to protect the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Planning", the next step in the development of enterprises along the river especially the new chemical projects will face great difficulties. All kinds of signs indicate that the chemical industry has become the "storm eye" of environmental governance, and the pressure of future steady and continuous development is highlighted.
Reporters saw in the "planning" sixth chapter third "to improve the level of hazardous waste disposal", proposed to amend the dynamic state of hazardous wastes, hazardous wastes to carry out the national census; in the petrochemical and chemical industries as the focus, to combat illegal transfer of hazardous waste disposal and use of illegal and criminal activities. In the "planning" fifth chapter second "to further promote the key pollutant emission reduction", proposed to strengthen the surface coating, organic chemical, petrochemical and other key industries to strengthen the control of VOCs; VOCs and NOx CO emissions, establish the emission inventory of aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes, alkynes, aldehydes, ketones and VOCs implementation of key emission reduction.
In this regard, Zhou Zhuye, vice president of the Sinopec Federation, told reporters that the whole industry should first improve the awareness of green development and promote the construction of green ecological civilization. We should develop the economy in accordance with the concept of green development, promote and fulfill the concern of responsibility better, strengthen self-discipline and keep the bottom line strictly. Secondly, chemical enterprises should pay attention to environmental protection from the whole life cycle of R & D, production, storage and transportation to use. We should pursue ecological design from the stage of product development and design. We should strive to reduce and reuse resources in the production process, and strengthen supervision in subsequent product storage and transportation process.
Zhou Zhuye said that in 2017 the whole industry green development strategy will be implemented, including promoting the waste water, solid waste, energy saving and safety management to enhance the five action plan, the Sinopec Federation is ready to carry out special investigation, so as to accumulate material, the key is to find out the status of the industry, so as to put forward the corresponding objectives and measures. He also appealed to the whole society to have a correct understanding of the chemical industry, because chemical industry is not only a wealth creator, but also a regulator of the environment.