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Other products

DS-800 is applicable to soap washing of acrylic fiber, wool nitrile, wool polyester, acetate fiber. Especially suitable for acrylic fiber soaping with fantastic result for color fixing. Besides, The product can prevent the printing from being contaminated on whit part of dyed fabric by dark color on dyed fabric and help improve color brightness and color fastness of the fabric.


A300-N is not only very effective of anti-stick for white ground in dyeing and printing fabrics.but also very effective of improving the color fastness of the fabric, especially in the removal of fixing agent (stripping) during the process of washing.


After-treatment soaping process is of paramount important during dyeing process and finishing, Which have much bearing on the color of printing and dyeing products as well as its color fastness and quality. With the development of dyeing and finishing technology and industry, Rooting out floating defect and improve its color fastness to meet such requirement is a must. However, Current detergent made of surfactants in the traditional soaping is widely for soaping and discoloration. Not only washing agent itself find it much hard to be cleaned in production, but also produce a large amount of foam by itself. Meanwhile, Such an old processing have wasted a great deal of energy to consume fresh water and discharges of sewage, Created foam, soap-stains and other defects, Worse still, Neither fail to achieve satisfactory soaping result nor ensure color fastness. But our Low molecular (disperse chelate soaping)-three-in-one NS-50 is quite the contrary against them in performance.


Anti-phenol and yellow agent DS-PY is used on nylon and blended fabrics to prevent phenol yellowing caused by contaminants and BHT (butyl hydroxyanisole)


Wet rubbing fastness improver DS-RB is a waterborne polyurethane poly-cationic compound, It has excellent wet friction fastness effect that can obviously enhance the fastness for direct dye, reactive dye, sulfur for dark cellulose fiber dyeing process. Particularly for the dark wet rubbing fastness like the dark black, scarlet red and turquoise DS-RB can get improved up to 2 or 3 grade of fastness

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