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Fluorescent acid color fixing agent 99A


Product name

Fluorescent acid color fixing agent 99A

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Product description

Many fluorescent nylon fixing agents change the color shade of fluorescent nylon fabric when fixing nylon. The fluorescent fixing agent 99A is a polyphenolic derivative of nylon fixing agent, It does not need to adjust the acid when, 99A not only improve the washing fastness and alkali- perspiration resistance fastness. But also have no influence on the fluorescent luster, so the product is more suitable for fluorescent red


Characteristics and advantages


Applicable to color fixing the dyes fabric with fluorescent dyeing without affecting the original shade of the fluorescent color and strengthen saturated dyed color of nylon and various color fastness



Basic character

Appearance: Brown liquid                        Ionicity: Anion

PH value:1.0(1% water solution)                   Solubility: Soluble in water



Applied range: Application to color fixation of nylon, wool, silk after dyeing or printing with acid dyes and fluorescent dyeing



Reference dosage


-Medium-light color : Fluorescent acid color fixing agent 99A  1-2%(owf), Bath ratio 1:10-20 at 70for 20min, Wash and baking

-Medium-dark color Fluorescent acid color fixing agent 99A  2-3%(owf) Bath ratio 1:10-20 at 70for 20min. Wash and baking

-Pad dyeing method:

Light color 10-20g/1 at 70

Medium color 20-40g/1 at 70.



125kg plastic drum


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