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High temperature levelling agent DS-811


Product name

High temperature levelling agent DS-811

Affiliate classification
Product description

High temperature leveling agent, soluble in water and general organic solvent, Which has the advantages of excellent dye dispersity, initial slow dyeing and synchronous dye uptake.

Features and Benefits

Soluble in water and general organic solvents, DS-811 has excellent dye dispersity, initial slow dyeing, excellent synchronous dye uptake, low color elimination, green environmental protection, and so on. In textile, printing and dyeing industry, Used as levelling agent for polyester fiber at high temperature and at high pressure dispersion, Suitable for fast dyeing process. It can keep dyeing in acid condition and avoid the color deviation caused by the hydrolysis of sensitive dyes. Free of its solvent and its carrier, DS-811 is helpful to improve the working environment. The product is applicable to dark color of polyester at high temperature and light color dyeing with warmed-tone at high temperature

Basic traits

AppearanceLight yellow liquid    

P H value4.0-5.010%  

Ionicity: Anions          

SolubilitySoluble in water


DS-811:0.5 -1g /L

  Bath ratio : 1 : 10

  Dyeing temperature: 130 -140 ℃

  Holding time for temperature: 30-90min

Reference dosage

Applicable to high temperature dyeing of polyester fabrics in a conventional approach


50kg or 125kg plastic drums.
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