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Nylon ribbon (high temperature) acid color fixing agent MR-B


Product name

Nylon ribbon (high temperature) acid color fixing agent MR-B

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Product description

Product advantage:


1Improve the wet and washing fastness of pre-metallized acid dye, dyed protein fibers and fabrics and polyamine fibers.

2The improvement of water washing firmness of nylon dyestuffs has no adverse effect on light fastness and chlorine fading resistance, and the fading resistance to chlorine water is up to 100 ppm.

3No contamination by sticky color after treatment with tannic acid fixing agent

4Compatible with nonionic, anionic active agents and PVC without any problem

5When the printing and dyeing material is treated with MR-B after steaming process, The product prevent the white part from being contaminated by dyes.


Product character

   AppearanceBrown liquid               Ionicity: Nonion

   Solubility: Soluble in water with any ratio


Reference dosage

1.     Dosage vary in accordance with the depth of dyestuffs applied

Light colorMedium color   0.51.5%

   MediumDark color   1.52.5%

2.     Color-fixing bath adjusting

1/MR-B 1.52.5%(o.w.f)When PH value of MR-B  is 4.5±0.3, Then no need to use acetic acid to adjust PH value

          2/When application amount of MR-B is under 1%(o.w.f), Then add a few acetic acid or formic acid to adjust the PH value to 4.5±0.3 is a must

              Fixation temperature:  7085℃

              Fixation time:  2030min


3.     When fixing color, High - depth acid is prevented from directly contacting with the fixing agent to avoid color stain and color spots due to condensation , and the dye - fixing agent needs to be individually diluted and put into the dye vat when in use



4. Many printing factories pursue improved for wet fastness with acid fixing agent after dyeing applied. At present and seek engineering rationalization and shorten the time of work to adopt wet-on-wet method at every processing procedure, However, much color defect, Say, Color stain, color sport and color shading take place when final inspection of finished fabric, Stripping for defective color is a dispensable procedure to get stripped and re-dyed to avert such defectiveness


Different kinds of acid color fixing agents have different stripping methods for defective color, Take MR-B for instance.


Special disperse agent:     12g/l

 PH value              10.5Na2Co3  2.5g/l

 Bath ratio              1:101:20




50kg or 125kg plastic drum

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